At Desi’s Coin Laundry we proudly feature the latest Dexter washers and dryers.  We offer 20#, 30#, 50#, 60#

and 90# Express Washers and 30# and 50# Dryers.  These are the fastests and most efficient washers and dryers

in the industry.  With these machines you can wash all your clothes in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of

the price of using your home machines.  Use multiple machines at once to do all your laundry in the time it takes

to do one load.  These machines are some of the most water-efficient machines in the world and help save

gallons of water on each wash.  The Express Washers spin so fast they create a G-Force of 200 Gs, so your clothes

come out of the wash with minimal drying required.